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What are your Dating Goals for 2019? – GirlsAskGuys


I’d like a boyfriend but I’ve been single for almost two years with a total of 3 dates, none giving me a second. Pretty sure I won’t be getting a boyfriend this year.

I’m not even kidding but it’s like you took my words right out of my mouth because I was close to flying to Russia 🇷🇺 to meet up with Svetlana because I’m into Slavic woman but anyway it’s been very hard and I have considered having a one night stand or friends with benefits BUT IM 33 and I’m ready to settle down you know?

That’s unfortunate. It happens but eventually you’ll find the right person. A little break can be good though

@Joshua1985 You’re not ugly, though, so it can’t be your looks if that makes you feel better. Lol, maybe we’re just weird haha

I don’t really have any special goals. Just to keep at it like we have been. Strengthening our relationship.

I assumed that I would stay single but I started dating an amazing guy. I would like to continue seeing him.

@IdentetarianinSucks Probably. It’s likely that the downvote on my opinion is also from her 😂

For this year, I’d like to build upon what we have and keep strengthening it.

C. Only change out the Netflix and oreos, to barbells and protein shakes!

I’m going to work on getting a fit and sexy body- not for a man, but so I look and feel better about myself.

If a guy comes along? Great. But when you’ve been single for nearly 10 years, you learn to put yourself first, and appreciate other things in life more than chasing after a fantasy or whim.

@Afrochick -right on girl! Nice to see another fit woman on here~

🙄 such a constructive comment.
How about you stop being rude, or better still, mind your own business?

How we choose to live our lives is our business, not yours. Personally if I rather be fit than deal with ‘lovely’ guys such as yourself, that’s my prerogative

@Cynicaldreamer Can’t say you haven’t tried it before already and been there and done that, but it just didn’t work out.

May want to see may response for yourself on what I think about “dating goals”, as I have none as I really just don’t see the point in ever doing so.

Great question 😍 it was to get married but he stood me up, sooo back to the drawing board. I’m hoping to get a new boyfriend 🙈 somehow turn him into fiance by or before 2020 lol hopefully he becomes a husband/father somewhere in there 😂

Maintain the level of satisfaction present in my current relationship, and maybe even improve it. And we’re long distance, so I’d like to see him at least one or two times this year. Besides that I can’t think of much.

tbh the most likely way I see your relationship works out is either he studies in the US, or you study in the UK. Of course it takes effort to get a scholarship (like any good thing in life).

He isn’t in college or studying at all though anymore. He tried it for about a year, decided it wasn’t for him, and is now doing an apprenticeship at some IT company. He’s going to stay in the UK for some time until he completes a certain level of his apprenticeship (I’m not sure which, I kinda forgot how it all works tbh), and eventually the plan is he’d move here and become a permanent resident and probably eventually a citizen, which would be pretty easy if he married me as he intends to. And of course he plans on visiting when he’s financially capable of doing so. I’m unable to visit him presently and will remain so for some time (I’m 16, absolutely broke, and in the care of an insanely overprotective single father. Transatlantic travels to meet some super cute British guy? Yeah, only in my dreams), but that option would become available in the future when I have a job and when I’m not living at home. I haven’t really considered studying in the UK, but when the time comes when I have to actually start thinking about college, it might be easier for us if I did, so I might end up doing so, but for right now who knows?

There are a lot of travel opportunities in university, (aka exchange program), if you want to travel to the UK by working some job after high school I think it’d take much longer. It’s good that the boyfriend knows what he wants and has a career path, it’s extremely hard to make it in the US starting from nothing.
If you intend to go to university at all now is the time to think about your major and how to get a scholarship (assuming you don’t want daddy to pay for all those expenses) since you will have to compete with the Chinese/Indian/etc. kids with perfect SAT who love to go to US universities (their first choice will be the tier 1 + Ivies but inevitably a lot of them will overflow to the tier 2 schools and thus make life harder for the American kids). NEVERTHELESS if you are a cute white girl you will have an advantage when apply to any *pure math* program over the world (white girls are a rare minority in math departments, they tend to avoid us like the plague). So the diversity/affirmative action works in your favor (and against the Asians 😂), should you choose math.

I hope later on in the year I’ll find a special someone. I don’t have any specific goals. This is the first time I’ve been SINGLE SINGLE since I was 17. I’m 22 now and completely alone. I’d like to find someone who can be my best friend and lover all in one. I’d absolutely love to find a new soul mate lol but I’ve kind of given up hope. I’m more focused on fixing myself than bringing someone into my unsatisfactory life.

I wish I could marry my boyfriend after I graduate college later this year, but I don’t know if it will happen… He’s preparing to enroll in business school and I haven’t had the guts to ask him what he plans to do with me. Besides, I don’t want to talk about something in the future and ruin the happiness we have now.

My goal is not to be so quick to change my plans for a guy or waste my energy on him. Nothing wrong with liking a guy but I won’t let guys walk all over me anymore and I won’t chase them

I’m doing the same thing. Be careful, they’ll end up telling you you’re in the wrong or you’re crazy and insane. From my personal experience. Lmao, gotta love men.

@Heyyyyhoneyyyyyy I learned to ay attention to their actions, dang i was so naive back then. this time im taking shit from nobody

@Heyyyyhoneyyyyyy yep they’ll try to make it look like its your fault and they will tell you what you want to hear in order to try to get sex

Same!!! I turn 23 this year and I’m not with the bs games.

It’s sad that you never truly know what their intentions are and if they’re being honest with you.

I haven’t been able to find anyone decent! And who I thought was decent turned out to be horrible!

I was talking to a guy around November and then he told me he was having a New Year’s Eve party I said I’d stop by before I hung out with my friends. He expected me to sleep with him into the new year. Ever since then I just don’t even want to be bothered for 2019. Which sucks because I know not all guys are bad

@Heyyyyhoneyyyyyy I meant to say I learned to pay attention to their actions.

@lovedejj_xo how lame of him, I want to meet guys but I don’t go out a lot since I’m unemployed. My goal is to a is to achieve a balance of being approachable to guys, but to not be so open that I look desperate

Yeah me too. It’s a curse once you are able to notice everything they do and what they say and like decipher everything. The last guy I was involved was manipulative and tried to beat me down. But it just made me realize what kind of person he was and what he was doing. He only wanted to sleep with me but instead of just saying that he hung around me and manipulated me into thinking we were more than that. I’m done wasting my life on a man that wants to play games and view me as a pit stop. My life not theirs.

@Heyyyyhoneyyyyyy me either all my other friends are in relationships, my best is friend is not but I can’t help but feel like the odd one out

Same! I am always so mean looking. I had the most beautiful boy smiling at me and giving me the eye and I just flagged him.

I have two friends right now and they’re both with someone. And sometimes their boyfriends tell them not to go out with me because they think they’ll cheat. I tried a dating app but that was a bad decision lmao

Is it that hard to spot a good guy?
I feel like most women stick to wishful thinking, it’s pretty obvious when a guy seems fishy

I’d love to meet their mothers, they raised them wrong hun.

That’s where I met the guy a dating app oh gosh lol. Like you guys I don’t go out much either I’m in grad school with a full time internship and work so I’m just tired so I don’t get out as often as I probably should. A lot of girls have resting face it’s okay I know I do. That’s horrible to think they’ll cheat because your single I’m sorry.

It’s hard to spot a Fake good guy that’s the problem.

Yeah, people should stop assuming it’s easy to know the difference. Men aren’t dumb and are manipulative af. They present themselves as someone you dream of until they get what they won’t and if they don’t they move on.

I know. I’m also in school and working. I’m just logged out of life right now. Just trying to start my life. Alone. Lmao.

I met someone on a dating app. We never met. Just talked for months. But I guess since I was alone and just got out of a bad on/off relationship that this guy was something special. Like I really vibed with him. Dude, did a 360 on me. Turned on me. Won’t even give me a second chance because I’m crazy (I called him out for being shady so I’m crazy and I’ll wear that shoe proudly). He is dating a new girl now and I just think about how that should have been me. Shady ass men.

Would a player wait a girl 8 months for sex?
Most won’t, and you can create even more barriers and test hoops, get creative and be smart
Invade their privacy if you have to, he shouldn’t be hiding anything from you because he’s your boyfriend
There are many ways to spot a fake guy, like I said, be creative
If the guy was actually good, they’d be happy to prove themselves to you to earn your trust
That’s what I would do for my girl anyway

Like I wanted him to be the one. But things didn’t work out and I wasn’t given a second chance. He also was like focusing on sex a bit but not too much. Just sad.

That’s another thing, people give up too quickly on each other and go out searching for something new. I found out this other girl he met online moved to our city to go to school (but I bet it was just to be close to him) and when him and I stopped talking he hit her up again and now he’s with some new girl. Imagine moving to a city for someone and knowing them for years and they do you like that. Smh.

They can prove themselves to you but eventually they’ll get annoyed or tired of keeping up appearances.

Lmaoo we understand right now it seems like we’re all on the same boat and it’s fairly common because some of my friends feel the exact same way. My best friend is turning 24 her parents married young and she had a full on break down that she should be getting engaged by around 25 and having kids by 26-27 like her other friends… a bit overboard but she hasn’t met anyone at all that was decent.

I did everything to my girl to earn her trust and make sure she’s 100% comfortable with me
And I’m ready to do everything again and again
All for her peace of mind si she can see that I’m the best for her and to show her how much I’m willing to give for her
How I see a future together with her

I know people are different but I think a boyfriend shouldn’t get annoyed because of that, he should be happy that you’re being clear with what you want
You’re literally telling him what to do to make the relationship better, that’s better than most shady women haha
+ that way it would show that he accepts you for who you are, even if you ask way too much, he would show that he even loves your flaws and insecurities, you know? That’s true love in my opinion 😊

Hey we get it:)! I’m not trying to sound mean or anything but 17-18 love is different from once we hit 22+ you add in a career, commitment, life, etc. the expectations are higher and the games are harder to spot tolerance and patience gets real low. You see others moving in together and being engaged it’s a lot… but good for you you were raised right keep it up☺️

My girl is 20 😂
But I understand, I hope the best for you guys ❤ avoid harm as much as possible, fake guys are plenty and they hurt bad, just like fake girls do haha

And never be afraid to ask for reassurance or proof! It’s your right to ask for it in a relationship as much as you want

I feel like I’m good luck chuck. I’m the one they get with before they find the one.

I love that attitude because you should be let any man control you so I am proud to hear that

@Heyyyyhoneyyyyyy you seem very cool and I bet you’re very interesting to talk to you about anything sex life whatever

@Syrian_survivor you can not tell from a person’s outward appearance if they are good or not, most guys approach a way Omani initially because she is attractive

@Heyyyyhoneyyyyyy omg same here, my ex ghosted me but now he is married. But I don’t want him. No self respecting woman would want a man who ghosts her!

That’s a good idea, because I think every woman should be the only one to make that decision

My choice isn’t there! I wanna have so much fun with so many people and dating gets in the way of it 👑

I thought I already made this official but I will say it again
I’m in a very serious relationship with Oreo we plan on marrying sometime next year
I’m a whoreo for oreos!! 😜😜😜

I agree, I don’t see how people can create a goal around people. We can’t control what others do but we can control ourselves

What if you’re a guy? Nothing will ever happen lol

To date myself. I’d like to become a complete person and take care of myself in ways I didn’t last year. I need to treat myself like I give a damn about myself. If there’s dating along the way, so be it. But I value friendship the most this year.

I voted C because I’ve got my guy, and one of my favorite “dates” is Netflix, Oreos and sweatpants. Lol.

I don’t have any ‘goals’ . Just keep my relationship as amazing as it is now

To hopefully get engaged to my boyfriend unless we break up

Find a guy who actually wants to spend their time with me lmfao

I’m focused on myself for now every time I attempt to let a guy in it fails and I see their true colors.

Iwould love to have a gf/bf but this is going to be my 4th year of being single after a terrible relation so ik not cofident I’m going to find anyone.

It’s a great goal to have, finding a boyfriend, but I figure it’ll happen when I least expect it 😊

I’ve never actually had a boyfriend other than my ‘6th grade boyfriend’ it was literally lunch room cafeteria dates, though. I’ve never been any good at talking to guys except for few randoms but those were just in passing.

Dating goals? Stay single.
Goals? Become more confident, not changing for other peoples standards, you can’t trust everyone, become more athletic. Stuff like that

Netflix Oreo and Sweatpants. (well, leggings)
I mean I’m already dating but like, I wanna be on their face the whole time doing that. Lmao.

I think I should focus on myself before starting a new relationship.

Fall in love with myself.
Kinda be my own husband type of thing ahha

None of these. Just keep my relationship as it is. Can I take Netflix and Oreos as an extra? 🤔

The only one of these I can relate to is get married. Though that’s not my goal.

Enjoy and develop a nice relationship with my new partner. 🙂

I’d like to find a guy one day, I’d also like to become a GaG moderator.

My goal is to still be with the girlfriend who currently lives with me.

I’d like to deepen my relationship with my incredible girlfriend.

Just like the previous years, I had long decided to remain single indefinitely, although I don’t have time for netflix, rarely eat oreos, if ever, and rarely ever wear sweatpants. And going mgtow doesn’t exactly make sense since I’m not blaming the other gender for it, as most seem to be when they follow that crowd and associate with that label, in which I don’t fit with. I just don’t like this reality, world, of how absurd it all really is, also don’t see the point of dating anybody at all since I don’t ever want to marry or have children, not that it means that should always be the end goal, I just don’t feel dating, relationships, etc. matters or see the point in doing so at all for so long, so what’s the point? It doesn’t guarantee me any “happiness” or “fulfillment”, it’s not going to fix my deep deep existential unhappiness and unhappy with the way how this reality really is type of issues. So really what is the point at all? And just because and even if I did find somebody that also did not ever want to marry and did not want any children of their own, that still does not automatically mean that they are a “perfect fit” or is guaranteed or absolutely the “right” person for me. So what is the point of me even dating or looking for anybody to date at all?


“I just don’t feel dating, relationships, etc. matters or see the point in doing so at all for so long, so what’s the point?” You make damn good sense! Some people feel like dating, getting married, or just having kids is a requirement for humans or to thrive. No, it’s NOT. There are people that are in relationships or married that are absolutely miserable because they settled to avoid being alone.

Then you have people that are single and are happier than most people in relationships because they KNOW what they want in life, reach for it, and don’t rely on a partner or hunting for someone that they may never find as a means of happiness.
Ultimately we make our own happiness- and as I’ve said many times before, if you’re not happy alone, you sure as hell won’t be happy in a relationship. It’s just a bandaid to your other problems.

Been reading Cosmo at the gym again? Good exercise, helps to have workout partner!

Expect nothing. I apply that to everything in life, including dating.
I’m open to a relationship, just like I’m open to something casual, and open to remain single. I’m gonna do my thing and interact with the women that are attracted to what I do and who I am, if that leads to meeting a future girlfriend, then great, if it doesn’t, great too.

My goal is to not waste time with women who are clearly not interested. I’ve always been good at not chasing after women, but I want to get better at determining a woman’s interest before the first date even happens. Some, not most, will only go out for a free meal or drink and completely ghost after that. I’m tired of that.

Then go for a full meal? Why not go for coffee and a walk? Or is that not done in your country? Just something super casual, takes the edge off too. I don’t think I go on a full blown date on first date.

Im going to enjoy marriage in a white hoodie, boxers, and a bag of jalapeno cheetos, while i sit in a bean bag chair as i yell at my kid to not run in the house

I am almost 38 years old and set myself an ulimatum: Either get in a relationship this year, or exit the dating scene once and for all.

I see no point in starting a family mid-40, thats way too late in my opinion, so I decided this year is going to be my last.

For now I have taken a break from dating. I have mainly focused on myself which I never really did before.. I must say it is treating me rather well.

May faith bring someone on my path that I hit it off with I wouldn’t mind trying for a relationship.

I am extremely likely to be staying involuntarily single just like in the past years (not counting 2018!) but certainly not an incel.
Women can’t understand me. We literally speak different languages.

Pretty much, we’re all very different. It’s kind of like how difficult it is to find people that you can trust to be your roommates and live with you and get along with, although it might make things easier if ones roommates are family and relatives, but even then, it’s still difficult, because other people will always be different and as we both know and understand that we simply can not control how the other person reacts, acts, feels, thinks, believes, etc. compared to ourselves thus there will always be at least some conflicts and troubles with getting along with the other person and staying with the other person.

I’m also not into “eastern” women. They tend to be all so family oriented, want marriage n kids, are “traditional” and this isn’t for me. It’s complete incompatibility.

I miss the European women. Or the “western” women.

Even a female friendship would be nice enough right now. I haven’t had one since my first and only “almost girlfriend” died… But I don’t get out much and am shy, so I don’t have any friends of my own.

Undecided. Right now, I’m open to dating, just not actively pursuing it since there are some things that require my attention.

After a 2 year long hiatus from relationships and dating to work on some stuff, this year I am going to get back into it and start looking for the right woman to start a long term relationship with that will lead to marriage…

As I am objectively not currently worth what I now want in a partner. I’m working on improving my position in life before seeking one again.

I’d like to go on a date or two this year. Don’t really have the time for “the real thing” but that doesn’t mean I won’t make time for it if there’s an opportunity.

what about, enjoy the new relationship that i’m in, getting to know her, and seeing what that is like?

None , single dad ( least desirable demographic from a woman’s POV ) and not bothered anyway , have enough to do.

First i heal, then i find the girl of my dreams.
If thats out of reach and i can’t find her, perhaps ill do something casual but i rather try dating first.

Haven’t got any. I guess at some point or another, I’ll come across a woman that has a shared interest in me and we will connect. Outside of letting what has already happened, I have no plans.

We are going celebrate our 25 annversy this year. Because of this mild stone we are going to renew our marriage vows. Yes we still have dates as well. Anyone have any ideas for the second honeymoon. I was thinking going to Puru.

Lmao, actually give dating a try. I had literally no interest my whole life until a few weeks ago, but now I don’t even know where to begin. I used to be so good at being alone, what is this “lonely” shit that I’m feeling all of a sudden

to find girl that is not thot and possibly that didn’t saw me without t-shirt so she would date me cuz of “personality”.

Goals are reserved for ourselves,
now some of you may incorporate dating plots and
we all know plots are schemes
and schemes backfire. 😌

this year nothing pariturally i have a girlfriend that loves me and i love her
next year we moving in together 🙂

I’m a bit preoccupied for dating at the moment but I am open minded to it.

Netflix, oreos and sweatpants with my girl. Still not done with dating.

To find my perfect girl. I’d do anything just to have her and no one else. I’d be so loyal to her and always try to make her happy.

I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost 4 years. When she graduates from college I plan on proposing.

Wait till after you move into the same appartement/home. It’s the last test normally.

And be screwed with someone who can’t even take care of herself and an apartment? Bad life choices.

We’ve been living together for 2 years.. Nothing bad has happened. In fact, it made us closer.

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