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They’ve Moved In! Inside Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane’s New Love Nest in Nashville


Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane have moved in together!

The Bachelorette alum packed a truck and moved from L.A. to Nashville to be with her country music starring boyfriend.

“Took a transgres from moving for some hockey( in my lawsuit chicken strips and a much needed glass of wine .) Also, my roommate is kinda cute ?! ” Bushnell captioned a selfie with Lane after they unpacked some of their boxes.

“Lauren moving to Nashville has been the best thing for our relationship. It’s been such an easy transition and she makes each day even better, ” Lane tells PEOPLE exclusively. “There is nothing like waking up next to the person I love, running about my day — working out and working on music — and then coming back home to her! I’m a luck guy.”

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Took a breaking from moving for some hockey( in my case chicken strips and a much needed glass of wine .) Also- my roommate is kinda cute ?!~ ATAGEND

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Once they had some of their furniture in place, Bushnell shared a series of photos and videos of their shared home on her Instagram Narrative, first showing off the floor-to-ceiling windows in their living room that overlook Nashville.

“Every single day I feel blessed because of this man. This view will never get old, ” Bushnell wrote alongside an image of Lane playing guitar on a round pouf.

Then, current realities starring showcased the rest of the home and screamed out professional organizers, Life in Jeneral, for assisting her in decluttering and setting up her space.

“ @Lifeinjeneral has totally changed our new place and I’m forever thankful, ” Bushnell wrote alongside an image of a white-and-gold, campaign-style dresser decorated with volumes and a tray of incense and cologne.

The neutral bedroom features a white bedspread and hurl pillows. Bushnell says Life in Jeneral taught her the right way to fold jeans so she can fit double the amount she used to in her closet

Bushnell also indicated off their shared walk-in closet, which has cubbies and shelves for shoe and purse storage, as well as racks for hanging clothes.

To organize their minimalist bathroom, which features a fuzzy white carpet and a double vanity, Bushnell purchased similar clear bins and white baskets from The Container Store and labeled them based on their contents and who uses them.

Their kitchen and living room region “re a long way from” finished, Bushnell writes, adding that she wants to put barstools at their counter and invest in a greater TV console, as the wooden one she brought from her old place in L.A. is “a little small for the space.”

Bushnell says she has already ordered a rug for the modern living room, which is furnished with a gray L-shaped sofa, a clear waterfall coffee table, and a round wall mirror.

However, she’s still looking for a side table to go next to the sofa, and plans to accent her home with more decor in the coming months.

PEOPLE confirmed Lane and Bushnell were an item in November 2018 after they appeared together at the 66 th annual BMI Music Awards in Nashville. “It’s brand new and they are enjoying spending time together, ” a rep for Lane told PEOPLE at the time.

However, they promptly realized how much they cared about each other, as Lane told PEOPLE in December that she was heading back to his home town of Kernersville, N.C. to satisfy his parents, and his song “Take Back Home Girl” was starting to become a real-life story.

“When I released that ballad, I did not realize I would end up meeting someone that I cared so much about, ” he said. “I’ve been so career-focused and career-driven that I haven’t set a whole lot of time into trying to find a relationship. It simply hasn’t been my mindset.”

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However, he admitted that his parents constantly “talk so much junk” to him, asking him when he’s going to bring someone into their own lives that could potentially be their daughter-in-law.

“I’m just like, where reference is happens it happens, ” Lane said. “ and I have been hanging out not even that long, but realized we both like each other. We’ve been friends for literally several years and simply kept in touch here and there, but she went with me to the Bahamas on a random trip-up. We had no idea we were going to end up liking each other and it spawned into what it is now.’ Take Back Home Girl’ took on a whole new meaning for me, especially now that she’s going to meet my parents.”

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