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Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Share a Hilarious Food Habit: ‘I Knew I Loved Him Then!’


It’s been four months since The Bachelor’s Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph decided to give their romance a second shot, without the pressure of a proposal, and since then, the couple has been soaking up every minute together that they can.

“I fall more in love with her every day, ” says Underwood, 27, who has been fulfilling up with Randolph, 23, for romantic getaways until they went public with their relationship on Tuesday night’s finale. “I think we’ve likely expended more time together since the finale than any other Bachelor couple! ”

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And the former football player and his speech pathologist girlfriend ought to have getting to know each other, away from the cameras at last.

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“We’re getting to know the deep dark things about each other, ” says Underwood. “The Bachelor is like reverse dating. We’re learning the little things.”

Says Randolph: “The thing I was shocked to find out about Colton is that we both feed the weirdest things. We eat the same! Our first dinner, Colton got some Wasa crackers and a bowl of Dijon mustard, and that was our appetizer. I looked at it and I said,’ That’s something I would do! ’ I knew I definitely loved him then! ”

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Adds Underwood: “I was like,’ Aw, this is awesome! ’ We also both like to throw a bunch of random ingredients in a bowl and call it dinner.” No judgment here!

In fact, “It’s the weird oddities I love about her, ” says Underwood. “And even some of the things I’m self-conscious about, she loves about me. That’s why I know she’s my best friend. And she’s who I’m meant to be with for the rest of my life.”

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