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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: 5 Reasons Fans Are Team Harvey (& 5 Reasons Fans Are Team Nick)


From the appear of the trailer, Sabrina Spellman( Kiernan Shipka) is about to be caught up in a witchy love triangle, when Netflix’s Chilling Escapade of Sabrina returns for its second season. After all, it wouldn’t been a supernatural, teen drama without two heartthrobs vying for the leading lady’s attention.

In CAOS, the two boys hell bent on dating the teenage witch are Harvey Kinkle( Ross Lynch ), Sabrina’s non-magical, high school sweetie, and Nicholas ‘Nick’ Scratch( Gavin Leatherwood ), a charming warlock, who appeals to her demonic impulses.

Here are 5 reasons fans are rooting for Sabrina to ‘re-Kinkle’ things with Harvey; and 5 reasons fans want to see Sabrina and Nick hit it off when the reveal returns, April 5.


They say you’ll always recollect your first love and from the get go we can tell Sabrina and Harvey are smitten. If Sabrina’s ecstatic dance up the stairs, in the first episode, is anything to go buy, she’ll need a pretty strong spell to wipe him from her memory.

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Sabrina and Harvey are already in love when the present begins. It’s an innocent day before Sabrina turned sixteen, attended her dark baptism and refused to pledge her allegiance to Satan, which is when things genuinely started to get rocky. Harvey fans will remember this time lovingly, believing in the purity and strength of this early connection.


When Sabrina was forced to attend The Academy of Unseen Arts, the Greendale equivalent of Hogwarts, she was facing the prospect of finishing high school with nobody but the Weird Sisters, magic entail girls and school bullies, for company. Until the handsome warlock, Nicholas Scratch, turned up.

Devoted to Satan, there’s a dangerous quality lurking behind Nick’s smouldering eyes, yet he was eager to get to know Sabrina and even be used to help unlock the Acheron Configuration, a mystical puzzle Sabrina was desperate to solve. Sabrina seemed fairly keen to know more about Nick as well and welcomed his assistance.


While Nick’s attention may seem novel, it’s nothing in comparison with the trust Sabrina places in Harvey. Trust is a vital element for a successful relationship and despite her worries that Harvey, who comes from a long line of witch hunters, might reject her if he knew what she was, she still trusts him implicitly.

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This trust was demonstrated when Sabrina asked Harvey to check her skin for birth certificates mark, also known as a witch’s mark, that she needed to know if she had or not. The sought for the mark was fairly disclosing for Sabrina and she needed to trust Harvey to go through with it, although to be fair, Harvey got in on the act as well.


Unlike trustworthy Harvey, Nick is full of surprises. While there is consolation in the familiar, Sabrina has a savor for the unknown and Nick is always popping up in strange places. Such as the revelry in Cousin Salem’s loft bedroom at the Spellman House.

Whereas Harvey represents the old school, Nick Scratch enjoys exploring less conventional alternatives, such as sharing Sabrina with Harvey. Nick’s penchant for polygamy might not be the surprise offer Sabrina was looking for but he did tell her upfront he dated all three of the Weird Sisters at the same time.


There may be excitement in the unpredictable, but one of Harvey’s key selling points is his constant presence in Sabrina’s life. From going to see cult horror movies with her and hanging out with her friends, to organising her birthday parties, Harvey is a constant in Sabrina’s life.

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He’s always there for her no matter what and with all the crazy ups and downs in Sabrina’s chilling adventures perhaps having a reliable boyfriend might be the way to go.


The driving force of COA’Ss first season largely revolved around Sabrina’s decision to pledge their own lives to the Dark Lord or repudiate him. While dedicating her life to Satan was an understandably tricky decision to make, it inevitably gave Sabrina access to her true potential. She is a naturally, immensely powerful witch.

These powers might seem scary to her mortal ex-boyfriend Harvey but Nick has done nothing except supports and encourages Sabrina to fully espouses her potential. A winning quality in a prospective boyfriend.


Learning that your girlfriend is not exactly the person you thought she was but is instead a super-powered witch is quite a lot to take on. Especially, once you learn that she is responsible for conjuring your dead friend back to life as a murderer zombie who you’ll have to kill. So, it’s no wonder it took Harvey a second to come to words with Sabrina’s true identity, transgressing things off in the process.

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Having come around to the truth of things by the end of the season, Harvey induces government decisions he wants Sabrina back. Demonstrating he genuinely loves her no matter what.


Not that opposites can’t attract but a marriage between a witch and a mortal, is tricky, even more so when that mortal’s household is in the business of hunting witches. There’s a divide between Harvey and Sabrina, which only appears set to get wider as their own lives progress.

Nick, however, is a fully initiated, Satan pledged warlock. He has access to a part of Sabrina’s life that Harvey will never be able to fully understand. It’s inevitable that Nick will only have more and more in common with Sabrina as they learn more about their powers. Plus, she’ll never have to worry about freaking Nick out. Whether or not she decides to stay on the path towards the dark remains to be seen.


The look actually speaks for itself. Not only is Harvey proving that the dependable muggle boyfriend can still rock a six pack, he’s also referencing Johnny Depp’s look from Nightmare on Elm Street, a classic horror film that would be right up Sabrina’s alley. Perhaps they have more in common than first thought.


Happy thanksgiving!

Chilling Adventure of Sabrina returns to Netflix April 5.

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