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5 Reasons Why Being Single Is Always Better


5 Reasons Why Being Single Is Always Better

Being in a relationship that reckons with your values and interests is something which most people longing and yearn for, but this is not always the case.

Sometimes relationships can be toxic, and when one of the partners is emotionally or physically abusive, he or she can bring a lot of pain for both. This drama can thankfully be skipped by acknowledging some things.

Here are some of the reasons as to why being single is better than being trapped in a relationship that eventually will leave you unfulfilled.

1. You get to have more day for yourself

With all the free time that you got on your hands, you can focus more on your needs, reflect about what you genuinely passion in life, and discover what you like and use that knowledge to grow a better you. Besides this, you can go forward in life at your own pace.

There’s no need to hurry-up or slow yourself down. Spending quality time with yourself should be regarded as a gift, because most of us don’t get that privilege too often in our times.

2. Finances

Let’s face it, being single means that you get to expend all the money that you make merely on yourself.

Sharing is caring, but this is not the case anymore when you’re single.

You can lavish yourself in the things that you always wanted to acquire. And besides all the new clothes that you’ll buy, fancy snacks and spa therapies, you can also travel around the globe on your own itinerary.

This is definitely one of the strongest reasons why being single is better always.

3. Traveling


Traveling helps you to better understand the world “were living in” and widen your horizons. It gives you time to relax and to acquire new experiences. You can explore different cultures, feed exotic foods, listen to unbelievably good music and satisfy extraordinary people from all around the globe.

Feel free to travel around the world! And, this is why being single is better than staying in a committed relationship.

4. No social compromise

Being single allows you to meet with whomever, wherever and when you are want. Being single also means that you don’t have to go out anymore with people which you disregard just to please your partner.

You get to focus your attention and day merely on the people that are close to your heart and with the people “youre feeling” you can bond with.

Friendship is very important, and you don’t have to fake it in order to please another person’s social wants. In addition to that, you get to hang out only with people that trigger your interest.

Not having to go through any compromise whatsoever when it comes to your social life gives you time to focus on the people that matter in their own lives, on the people who love and cherish you from their core and who are not faking their feelings towards you.

The relationship with your close friends and family will flourish, and you’ll achieve a better peace of mind. You will grow by spend some time with authentic people with whom you feel most comfortable with.

What better connect than that with friends and family is more important in one’s life?

5. The sexuality life

There is no doubt about it that sex plays a very important role for almost every individual out there.

Not being in a relationship gives you the chance to engage in certain social circumstances without sorrow and have one night stands without feeling guilty or pressured.

Casual sex and casual dating is a great way to explore yourself sexually and to understand yourself better about what you want in bed. And, this is why being single is better because you get a chance to explore yet stay guilt-free in your clandestine affairs.

Embrace your freedom and enjoy being single

The point of being single is that there are no limits to what you can do, feed, wear or suppose , no need to feel wrong about your ideas of what a good life genuinely means. You shouldn’t be fearful to be on your own, instead, you are able to embrace the freedom that comes along with it, and try to attain the most out of it.

You don’t need to neglect yourself over someone else’s requires or notions. Being single, at least for a period of hour, will give you the maturity that you need in case you want to engage in a relationship farther along the road in life.

If relationships are merely not your thing, then you can just enjoy your free time and put it to good use in activities that mire your interests and ideas about how life should be from now on.

This is why being single is always better.

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