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Should You EVER Approach Women By Asking For Help? – Dating Questions Answered – Stephan Erdman


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How to approach girls can be super simple. When you approach a girl and you want to get her number you have two basic options: Indirect approach or direct approach. Direct is great when you're very confident and know what you're doing and you're not scared of getting a range of reactions from women.

Indirect can be great for guys who like to feel their way into a situation with a girl. It's also a great way to get to know the girl before you even start to think about getting her number and seeing her again.

Asking for help is a simple way to get into a conversation…but you've got to be sure to do it in the right way: If you do it in a submissive insecure way of course this sets everything up wrong and there won't be any potential there to develop from the start.

IF you can ask for help in a confident, charming, playful way with a bit of a glint in your eye you're bound to have a good chance to transition the conversation into a more personal area quickly if you know what you're doing. So asking for some genuine help can be a great way into a conversation.

I always take any opportunity to ask people for the way, for tips, for any advice especially when i am abroad. It's fun and it leads to all sorts of great situations.

So get used to it and then transition in the way you want.

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How to approach women by asking for help:

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