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The Date Has Been Announced For The Return Of Robot Wars


Hide your machines, hide your kids because Robot Wars is back and nobody is safe.

The show which was mine, and I’m sure a lot of yours, favourite as a kid is making it’s grand return to BBC 2 in just a few weeks time on Sunday 24th July.

Craig Charles may be gone, but Dara O’Briain makes a pretty stellar replacement alongside Angela Scanlon and with forty teams and a bullet-proof arena, it’s obviously going to be amazing.

If you were born after 2000 (damn you) you might not be familiar with the show, which hasn’t been on our screens for over ten years, so just to recap it features some pretty insane homemade robot makers, pretty much jousting against each other in a flurry of hydraulics, remote controls, fire and spikes. There’s always fire and spikes.

Oh, and Jeremy Clarkson used to present it sometimes, and the robots all had amazing names like Sir Killalot.

Trust me, it’s going to be worth a night in, no matter how lush the weather outside.

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