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Date Someone Who Makes You Smile (Even When Youre Not In The Mood To)


The saying goes: Its not where you are, its who youre with. And it couldnt be trueras long as youre with the right person.

Seek the person you want to be with no matter what, because being together is so much better than being apart. The onewho makes your surroundings slip away because their presence is the onlyaspectof your surroundings that reallycounts.The one who inspires you to abandon your routine and all of your daily comforts in the name of togetherness because there’s nothingmore comforting than the way you feel when theyre nearby.The one who makes swimming a thousand miles with a cramped leg, crossing the Sahara with a single canteen of water, or traipsing through a foreignlandwith $20 to your name sound like totally reasonable measuresif thats what it takes to reunite.The one who spursyou to drop everything and ridea crazy late train intothe citybecause you just cantwaituntilmorning to see them.

This person will make you smile in the least likely circumstances. You will be delayed for ten hours at the airport unexpectedly, but youll have the best time anyway, playing a game you invent on the spot using a rubber band and a piece of scrap paper before heading to the terminal bar, where youll drink several rounds of syrupy margaritas and gorge on soggy nachos until youre kind of sick but also drunkon alcohol, and each other. This person will make every leg of an unpleasant journey totally bearable, even pleasurable.

This person will push you to find happiness where youve long forgotten happiness exists, nudging thedormant pieces of your soul residingdeep within.

They will move you to wake up at sunrise even if you’re not a morning person so you can tear off your clothes while running throughthe sand and skinny dip. They will motivate you to stay up long past midnight for a late nightstrolleven when youre exhausted because one more hour of wakefulness togetheris always worthit. They will make you forget the pesky concerns that typically stop you from doing certain thingsall those worries that filter your ability to truly embrace the world.

This is the person you need, becausenot all of life is actually all that fun unless you grab it by the horns and tame itas you go. Real life involves countless hurdles, big and small. But if you can tackle thoseobstacles head onnot just grit your teeth and bear the difficulties youre destined to face, but approach them as good times waiting to bediscoveredyou will always befine. The right person will help you see this.

Couples that know how to smile together in the least likely circumstances dont have to rely on anything but each other.

Even when things go terribly wrong, all they have to do is feed off of their love.Nothingcan stop them from finding thefun buried deep inside a pile ofthorns, thenever-ending depths of theirbondan oxygen tank they can always draw upon.

They dont need fancy hotel rooms. They dont need big celebrations or elaborate feasts or good weatherto enjoy themselves or to craftlasting memories. They dont need a wifi connection or social media feeds to help pass the time. They take life as it comesbliss, devastation, boredom, and allbecause as long as they’re together, nothing else matters. At all.

There is so much power in loving someonewith all of your heart and lettingthatlove guide youday in and day out. So go find theperson who helps you adjustthe lens through which you see life’s darkest parts.When you do, you will feel automatically stronger. Betterequipped to live. Better prepared to take risks. Better positioned to smile, even when it seems impossible.

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