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Men Who Use Tinder Swipe Right Three Times As Often As Women



Men are eager to maximize potential connections on dating app Tinder. They swipe right three times as often as their female counterparts.

According to the New York Times, the 2-year-old app’s male users swipe “yes” on their potential dates about 46 percent of the time, while women only do so on about 14 percent of images.

The app also offers the option to swipe left, indicating no interest in the current profile.

Tinder’s management reports the average user devotes nearly 90 minutes a day to scanning pictures of singles, logging in an average of 11 times to look for the perfect match.

With roughly 50 million users, Tinder seems to have cracked the secret to casual dating in the way competing services haven’t been able to do.

It seems like for male Tinder users, compatibility is in the images. That, or women are just pickier when it comes to potential matches.

According to internal research, Tinder users study profile images for defining facial features and background clues about the person.

Smiling or sultry, Valencia or #nofilter, these pictures are the key to understanding someone before beginning a conversation.

H/T: Time, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr    

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